A craftsperson is someone devoted to creating products they love, as well as they possibly can, for themselves and their friends, and to share with others who love it too!

Being a craftsperson means more than just making something well.  It means being fully engaged in the cultural and historical context of your craft, knowing and honoring what has come before, while setting a standard for all those who will follow.

For more than a thousand years, the Guilds were organizations of craftspeople, setting and enforcing standards for themselves and their profession, deciding who was qualified to use their mark.  They knew that you were only an authentic craftsperson if other craftspeople recognized you as such. And that recognition, the mark of the Guild, was an assurance of quality and ethical practices to consumers everywhere.

Today, we see the continuation of that ethic in many professions, and now we are creating those standards for Oregon's next great craft industry, legal cannabis.