The Craft Cannabis Alliance is bringing together the smartest and most visionary leaders in Oregon cannabis to shape an industry that consistently adds value to People, Place, Planet, and Plant. Working together, we will:

  • Adopt standards and identify meaningful certifications under our six categories (clean product, sustainable methods, ethical employment practices, local ownership/control, community engagement, and participation in the movement to end the drug war) that will define authentic Oregon craft cannabis.
  • Build a cultural and consumer movement that is mutually reinforcing of these values, and which supports the kind of industry we want to see, and to be.
  • Provide business and technical support to our members, and create a platform for the responsible, locally controlled craft industry to engage each other and the world.
  • Educate the industry, the media, political and opinion leaders about the craft cannabis movement, and the benefits of joining and supporting it.
  • Insure that the Oregon cannabis industry is primarily owned in Oregon, building wealth in the communities in which it is grown, supporting local communities, institutions, and economies.
  • Protect the bountiful and extremely valuable cannabis biodiversity that is the legacy of generations of careful and dedicated Oregon growers and our unmatched regional terroir.
  • Celebrate and promote the world class cannabis that IS Oregon craft.