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The Craft Cannabis Alliance is a non-profit organization comprised of both licensed and allied leaders in and around the Oregon cannabis industry, dedicated to people, place, planet, and plant. Our mission is to define, support, and champion an environmentally friendly, communally engaged, and socially conscious craft industry that is a global center of excellence in cannabis, related products, and human capital. We believe that the best path forward for our industry is one that is values driven, maintains significant local ownership, and adds dimension to the Oregon Brand by reflecting the life-affirming nature of the cannabis plant itself.

Our licensee members affirm that they are majority owned here in Oregon, and pledge to uphold a set of norms that we believe defines the unique, authentic, and most marketable version of Oregon Cannabis.  

Our allied (non-license-holding) members need not be Oregon owned. We ask only that they support our work and our mission by standing with us to make Oregonians as proud of their cannabis industry as we are of our cannabis.