Membership Dollars



The more engaged you get with the Alliance, the more you will understand what it means for your business to help build an Oregon industry with a global marketing advantage based on authenticity, values, and excellence. So, while we aim to make membership valuable in the immediate sense through offers, events, information, and lobbying, our goal is to bring our state industry to global prominence and broad-based success on our own terms, in a way that adds value at every level of operation to people, place, planet, and plant.

The deeper question therefore is not “What do I get” but “How can we build the most authentic and successful industry around the best cannabis products in the world? How can we leverage our values and this plant to improve the lives of people and communities? How can we most effectively fight to end the war on people who peacefully use substances? And how can my company show leadership in this movement and participate in its success?”

That said, your membership dollars support the following work:  

  1. The One Fix Cannabis campaign is a project developed and led by the CCA.  One Fix is dedicated to legalizing licensed interstate and international commerce as soon as possible in order to put Oregon’s industry on a course for success .  Your membership dollars support the campaign’s strategic and tactical planning, state and (soon) federal lobbying, coalition development, earned and paid media efforts, public relations, and storytelling. Our primary goal is domestic, interstate commerce between legal states by 2021.  Add your name to the sign on-letter to Oregon legislators!

  2. Meetings and Events: CCA holds regular meetings and events, paid for with both sponsorships and membership dues. These events can be informational, political, or educational. They may be members-only, or open to the public. But whatever the purpose of a specific event, they are a way to bring this values-driven community together, to strengthen our alliance, to build bonds, to expand business relationships, and to have fun with like-minded people in and around our industry!

  3. Lobbying: CCA dues help pay for lobbying the legislative and executive branches at the state level on a host of issues important to the Oregon cannabis industry as a whole, and to our members in particular.

  4. Consumer Campaign:  CCA is dedicated to helping Oregon cannabis consumers recognize that they have a world-class, locally-owned industry that deserves its wholehearted support, and that based on the distorted market dynamics of prohibition, needs it even more than their local brewer, or winemaker, or organic food producer. Our plan in 2019 is to brand this movement and launch a consumer awareness campaign and identifying logo to help them make good choices at the counter.

  5. Industry standards: CCA is made up of people who understand the importance of setting and upholding values-driven standards in the industry, and how we enhance the local and global power of our brand when we take leadership in making that happen.

  6. Ending cannabis prohibition and the war on people who use substances. CCA and our members stand up for rational, humane policies around the substances that people choose to use, whether for medical, spiritual, or recreational purposes.  We are always looking for ways to leverage our moral authority in the industry for social justice!

  7. Telling the Oregon Craft story.  CCA is committed to telling the true story of our authentic industry, both locally and globally. The Oregon Cannabis industry is the best in the world. And our amazing cannabis is just the start.