The Craft Cannabis Pledge

 keeping craft cannabis alive in Oregon and beyond

keeping craft cannabis alive in Oregon and beyond


The Pledge is a statement of shared values and a blueprint for the industry, and the Oregon Craft brand that we want to build here.

If you are a values-driven cannabis licensee, majority owned here in Oregon, who shares our vision of Oregon as a vibrant and successful global center of artisan cannabis, please consider making this commitment with us to raise the standing and the value of Oregon cannabis globally by standing up for Oregon values locally.

Oregon Craft

The essence of craft is making something that we love, as well as we possibly can, for ourselves and our friends, and to share with others who love it too.  

We attest that our company is majority owned in Oregon, where world-class cannabis has been grown for generations. We are: committed to ethical business and employment practices; dedicated to sustainability and the health of our shared environment; positively engaged in our geographic and human communities; and committed to equity and social justice as we work to end a century of prohibition and the disastrous and discriminatory war on people and human consciousness that has been its hallmark.

We strive to be profitable, but we have a purpose beyond profit that guides our business activities, and we are committed to adding - rather than extracting - value for people, place, planet, and plant at every stage of our production and operations.

We are committed to excellence, education, and advocacy, and to making Oregonians as proud of their cannabis industry as we are of our cannabis.

The Pledge

On behalf of our company, we pledge:

  • That our company is majority-owned by Oregon residents.

  • To treat our employees, customers, and associates fairly, and with respect.

  • To be conscientious neighbors, citizens, and business partners.

  • To be good stewards of our land and water.

  • To make environmental sustainability a cornerstone of our business at all levels of the supply chain.

  • Never to discriminate, nor tolerate discrimination, harassment, or violence in our business or in our community.

  • To support diversity, and work towards equity in our industry, and in our own hiring, development, and promotion practices.

  • To prioritize safety, training, and education.

  • To strive for the highest standards of transparency and regulatory compliance.

  • To uphold a spirit of volunteerism and public service, and a commitment to philanthropy.

  • To follow a business ethic that considers our social impact at all times.

  • To make every reasonable effort to engage in partnerships with other businesses that are similarly committed to ethical and sustainable practices.

  • To advocate for the legalization of cannabis for all adults.

  • To actively support rational and humane policies with respect to all substances that humans choose to use for medicinal, spiritual, or recreational purposes.

  • To actively work to reverse the harms of the War on (people who use) Drugs, and to advocate for social justice and human rights.

  • To honor the important role that cannabis has played in human society, and to protect its ethical, sustainable cultivation and responsible use.

  • To produce the best cannabis and cannabis products in the world!

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