Circle Of Craft Membership (Annual)

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CCA SS Thumbnail Circle Annual.png

Circle Of Craft Membership (Annual)

4,800.00 every 12 months

Circle of Craft Members Get:

All regular member discounts and offers

Access to all members-only meetings, conference calls, and events

(Licensees Only) Featured marketing exposure in consumer and other public facing campaigns

Allied Circle of Craft members will be listed on our website, and shouted out at least twice per year in a member email

The opportunity to present formally to a CCA members meeting at least once per biennium

The opportunity to offer discounts or similar to members

First Priority access to sponsorship, marketing and promotional opportunities

First Priority for media and social media opportunities

Deeply Discounted booth at any CCA event that offers them

Dedicated space for Circle of Craft members on standing committees of the Alliance

The craft industry’s undying thanks.