Legislative alert! Oppose the canopy tax

This coming Monday, March 11th, there will be a hearing on the bill in the Revenue subcommittee of the Oregon Legislature’s House Economic Development Committee. House Bill 2382 would allow certain counties to impose a tax of up to $1 per square foot on marijuana production. 

Such a tax would be onerous, if not ruinous, for the local industry, and we must make sure it doesn't pass. But we should also recognize that bills like this will be a regular occurrence unless producer counties are given the resources they need to deal with the expenses that licensed adult use, medical, and unregistered production impose on them.

Please take a moment to call the subcommittee members and urge them to reject HB 2382 as a measure that will cause real damage to Oregon businesses.

But please also consider telling them that you would stand behind an effort to re-work the formula by which the current 17% tax is divided, so as to give more money to producer counties that desperately need it, while putting less of that money into the general fund, where it is lost amidst a multi-billion dollar budget.

House Revenue Subcommittee

Chair Representative Nancy Nathanson  503-986-1413  Vice-Chair Representative Lynn Findley  503-986-1460 Vice-Chair Representative Pam Marsh  503-986-1405 Member Representative Diego Hernandez  503-986-1447 Member Representative E. Werner Reschke  503-986-1456 Member Representative Greg Smith  503-986-1457 Member Representative Barbara Smith Warner  503-986-1445

Your voice matters!  Thanks.