Farmers know: the future of cannabis is not 50+ isolated industries

I was thrilled to be invited to address the directors and secretaries of agriculture for 50 states and four territories as part of the only cannabis panel at the 2019 NASDA Winter Policy Conference. It was an honor to share the stage with Scheril Murray Powell Esq., President of Green Sustainable Strong in Florida, and Massachusetts Cannabis Commissioner Kay Doyle.

I took the opportunity to share with the directors a vision of the future of the national cannabis industry that includes interstate commerce, and definitely does NOT include the formation of fifty self-contained production industries. I was warned going in that the Ag Directors are a conservative bunch, but I got a very positive reception, and quite a number of the Directors found me post-panel to express their support for a rational, market-driven plan for legalization.

I'd like to take a moment here to thank Oregon's Agriculture Director Alexis Taylor, (whose family has been farming the same land (not in Oregon) for 160 years!) for graciously taking the time to meet with me at the conference, and for giving me excellent advice on what her colleagues would be most interested in hearing about.  I managed not to get a picture with Director Taylor (I know, I know) so hopefully I'll have another opportunity.