Craft Cannabis Alliance Announces Founding Board of Directors

In Oregon, craft is more than a buzzword. Whether it’s craft beer, or artisan wine, or craft distilling, or cannabis, Oregonians place a premium on world-class products made by people who care. Now, a group of leading Oregon cannabis companies are coming together to help cannabis lovers find and support authentic craft products, made by Oregon-owned companies dedicated to clean product, sustainable methods, ethical employment practices, community engagement, and ending the failed drug war.

This week, the Craft Cannabis Alliance announced its founding board of directors, a group that includes the leaders of some of Oregon’s most well-known brands, as this mission-driven industry association prepares to move from start-up to action.

“Cannabis production is deeply rooted in Oregon,” says Jodi Haines of Alter Farms, an award-winning Tier 2 outdoor farm in Josephine County. “People have been growing world-class cannabis here for generations. We expect to see a significant shakeout in the industry in the coming year, and it’s important for the state’s economy, for our communities, for the environment, and for people who love cannabis that our industry remains both accountable and substantially locally owned. The Craft Cannabis Alliance represents a movement within the industry to engage consumers to help make that happen.”

Oregon’s legal cannabis industry is veering towards a crisis point, with a well-documented oversupply problem and deep-pocketed out-of-state companies acquiring or launching brands and retail locations.

“The next 12-18 months are critical, as consumer preferences begin to gel in Oregon’s emerging recreational market,” says Christine Smith, CEO of Grön, one of Oregon’s leading edible companies. “One of the things that most excites me about the Craft Cannabis Alliance is our collaborative effort toward educating and motivating consumers to support an industry that is rooted here in Oregon, and led by folks who care deeply about people, place, planet, and plant.”

Craft Cannabis Alliance Founder and Director Adam Smith sees the Alliance as a manifestation of something inherently Oregon.

“Oregon’s global brand is all about authenticity, sustainability, local ownership, good corporate citizenship, and world class products. The Craft Cannabis Alliance is dedicated to identifying, organizing, and promoting the companies that embody those values. I am truly humbled by the extraordinary and visionary leaders who have stepped up to help guide this organization, and this movement forward.”

Board member Hannah Hayes, of Oregon Coast Cannabis, a licensed retail store in Manzanita, is ready to dive in.

“Our customers care about supporting cannabis businesses that are local, and ethical, and sustainable. We share their passion, and it drives every decision we make as business owners. That’s why I’m excited to be part of an organization that is defining and supporting Oregon’s authentic craft cannabis industry. Together with consumers, we are building an industry that will make Oregonians proud.”

The Craft Cannabis Alliance Board of Directors:

Jodi Haines - Alter Farms

Ian Shaughnessy - Quill

Mason Walker - East Fork Cultivars

Christine Smith - Grön Chocolates

Mary J. Poppyns - Sativa Science Club

Alleh Lindquist - Swell Companies/Dab Society

Erin Kennedy - Aperture Consulting

Hannah Hayes - Oregon Coast Cannabis

Will Patterson - Harris Bricken

Casey Branham - Phoenix Rising Farm

Chris Dolinar - Pilot Farm